Rock Your Body Positivity in BraLisa

Rock Your Body Positivity in BraLisa
Breast Surgery Not Required

Bra comfort is an essential to increasing body positivity. It allows you to relax and feel confident throughout your day. Our research has found that every woman wants a better bra. For women with drawers filled with unworn bras, the search for a comfortable bra never ends. Wireless, seamless, and cotton are the qualities women value most. That’s what BraLisa delivers.

A woman with her arms crossed looking confident and body positive.

Ready to ditch the bra itches, pokes, digs and squeezes that “make you look good?”

Craving bra comfort without all the wires, push-ups, and push-ins?

Fed up with contorting your body to hook your bra behind you?

Want a bra that relieves shoulder, neck and back pain caused by skinny straps and bra backs?

Check out BraLisa. You’ll rock your body positivity with complete comfort, confidence, and support all day long.


Does Your Bra Boost Your Body Positivity?

Two laughing women wearing BraLisa's seamless, wireless, organic cotton bra with front closure and adjustable straps; for breast surgery recovery and women seeking a true comfort bra.

I love my new Bralisa bra! It’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. I’ve been wearing it for everything — work, gym, yoga, hiking, and relaxing. When I learned about Bralisa, I wasn’t sure it was for me since I’m not recovering from breast surgery. But this supportive, wireless bra is exactly what I’ve been looking for. From now on, Bralisa is my go-to bra! – Debbie

It is no secret that most so called “comfort bras” do not feel all that comfortable. And, when you’re not feeling good in what you wear, it’s hard to be your best self and rock your body positivity.

Body Positivity is all about feeling good about who you are – living the best life you can in the body you inhabit.

It embraces:

  • Loving and accepting yourself just as you are
  • Appreciating your body’s unique shape, size, color, features, markings, and abilities
  • Enjoying your body for all the joy it brings you each day

Wearing a supportive and comfortable bra is an important way to increase your body positivity, both mentally and physically. Instead of coping with the distractions of a poky bra, you can focus on the tasks that matter most to you. This helps you present your best self to colleagues, friends, and family.

Of course, we recognize that no one is completely body positive about every aspect of their body every day. But we’re here to help you with the bra comfort part of your journey.

You’re Beautiful Just the Way You Are

Women entrepreneurs around the world are joining the movement to enhance body positivity for all genders, skin colors, ages, abilities, and body types. They’re dedicated to putting comfort first when it comes to creating women’s clothing that looks and feels good.

A smiling woman wearing BraLisa's seamless, wireless, organic cotton bra with front closure and adjustable straps; for breast surgery recovery and women seeking a true comfort bra.

BraLisa is doing its part by offering women a super-soft bra made of organic cotton. Our seams are sewn on the outside of the bra so they never dig into the wearer.

Wide, adjustable straps, and full back coverage eliminate shoulder pressure and indentations. BraLisa opens in the front so no more struggling to hook your bra behind you.

Women who wear BraLisa often remark that they forget they have it on.

Choose the Bra that Makes You Feel and Look Good – Inside and Out!