JanuHairy – Breaking Free of Body Hair Social Norms

Fed-up with the social norms that oblige women to routinely remove their body hair, a group of women in the UK declared January – JanuHAIRY month. Their group, Body Gossip, formed to in 2019 to empower women to let their hair grow by setting aside their razors, depilatories, hair removal creams, and laser, wax, thread, and electrolysis treatments. They wanted women to experience what it’s like to let their hair grow for a day, a week, the month or more – without shame. The invitation was for women to take control of their bodies by breaking free of the social norms that reinforce expectations of hairlessness.

Lisa B’s Guide to Breast Surgery Recovery

If you are staying overnight at a medical facility, it is important that you have a friend or relative with you so that you always have an advocate present, if at all possible. Nurses and staff are often busy and over-worked, so it’s essential that there is someone in your room to keep you comfortable and who can quickly grab a nurse’s attention if needed.